Terms and Conditions for Nonprofit/Voluntary Organizations Participation in SCiP (Commencing an Internship)

Through commencing an internship, your organization agrees to the terms and conditions of the Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP). This form constitutes an agreement between your organization and Volunteer Alberta as set out herein and is not subject to any other written or verbal condition, qualification, or agreement.

Term and Conditions of the Agreement with Volunteer Alberta:

The term of this agreement includes the agreed upon term and deliverables as set out in the letter of agreement between your organization and the intern.

Your organization will be responsible to Volunteer Alberta as outlined and as required to enable the Serving Communities Internship Program activities. Additionally, your organization:

Volunteer Alberta will be responsible to your organization as outlined:


Although Volunteer Alberta is supporting organizations in the development and promotion of internships, we cannot guarantee that an intern will apply and accept the internship(s) developed and posted by your organization.


Your organization will provide to Volunteer Alberta all relevant information and reports as outlined in the SCiP website.


Your organization will be responsible for all insurance and liability coverage required for the duration of the internship.


It is expected that your organization will not divulge any confidential information concerning its dealings with individuals or organizations related to SCiP. Your organization will review and abide by the Privacy Policy Statement and Confidentiality portions of the SCiP Website.

Internship Termination:

The intent of SCIP is for interns to gain experience and organizations to gain capacity and no partial awards can be allocated. As such, Volunteer Alberta wants to do everything in its power to ensure internships are completed. If there is a conflict or barrier to internship completion, organizations are expected to follow their own conflict resolution procedures when there is one in place and contact Volunteer Alberta as required for support and assistance. Volunteer Alberta is the only party that is able to withdraw students from an internship.

This agreement carries with it no commitment respecting continuation of services by Volunteer Alberta beyond the specified term. 


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