Student Resources

The Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP) provides students with experience and skills in the nonprofit/voluntary sector that are transferable to a wide range of future opportunities. The following resources may help you get the internship you want, or land a future job!

For some general tips and tricks for cover letter and resume writing, read our article on '10 Things You Need to Know About Résumé and Cover Letters' or check out the links below for more details!

Writing a Résumé

Your resume is your first opportunity to make a good impression; make sure it’s a good one! The Government of Alberta has some excellent information on the different types of resumes and their uses, as well as some tips on how to check your resume before submitting it for review. Here are some examples below for more inspiration:

Cover Letters

Here are some tips from TalentEgg on writing cover letters. Looking for more resources? Here are some sample cover letters from

Pro tip: Find out the inside scoop on what we recommend SCiP Organizations look for when reviewing applications, and incorporate these details into your resume and cover letter!


This information from the Government of Alberta will help you prepare for interviews:

Where Else Can I Find Career and Resume Help?

As a student the best place to go is your post-secondary institutions career center! They all have different resources and supports to assist you. You can also check out these resources from the Government of Alberta:

Volunteer and Work in Nonprofit Organizations

Once you’ve had a taste of what it’s like to work in the nonprofit/voluntary sector, you may be curious what type of career you can make in the sector or where to find volunteer opportunities.

Looking for volunteer opportunities?

Looking for employment in the sector?