Student Eligibility

To participate in the Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP) and receive a $1000 award at the end of your SCiP internship, you must meet the following requirements. Before you apply for an internship, please carefully review the eligibility criteria to confirm that you qualify for SCiP.

NOTE: If you do not qualify but complete a SCiP internship anyway, the $1000 award will not be awarded.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. You must be a post-secondary student living in Alberta.
  2. You must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or an international student with appropriate authorization as may be required from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to participate in SCiP. Currently, this is a valid study permit and a valid Social Insurance Number. (Up to 10% of SCiP internships can be filled by international students.)
  3. During the academic year in which you begin your internship, you must have attended one of the 26 publicly-funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta.
  4. You must be a part time or full time student in a degree, diploma, certificate, or graduate studies program at an eligible institution. Open studies, non-credit, upgrading, or continuing education students do not qualify.
  5. You must be registered in and attending at least one class at an institution during the academic year in which you begin your internship (August 1st – July 31st) and you must be able to provide proof of enrolment indicating this. Please note, an acceptance letter, either conditional or full, from a post-secondary institution does not qualify you for the program until you have begun attending at least one class.
  6. You are only able to receive one SCiP award per academic year (August 1st – July 31st).
  7. You may not receive compensation other than the SCiP award for a SCiP internship. This includes a wage or honorarium.
  8. You may not use a SCiP internship to meet an academic requirement or receive school credit. This includes using a SCiP internship for a course placement or practicum.

In order for an internship to qualify for an award, all internships must be approved by SCiP and be submitted by an eligible nonprofit organization.

If you have questions about your eligibility, please visit our FAQs or contact us for more information.

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