Toy Guns Dance Theatre

From our inception Toy Guns has been challenging the relationship between art and it’s audience. An early quote from our audience: “I don’t know anything about dance but I loved it”.

Toy Guns Dance Theatre is a charitable arts organization based in  Edmonton. We are committed to creating accessible and unique dance theatre that challenges the relationship between art and its audience. Having been founded in January 2014, Toy Guns is an emerging organization. As such we have chosen to focus on sustainable growth and capacity building by creating work that is performer-led. Meaning our dancers are collaborators in the art. We want to invoke a sense of play in the audience, and we start with invoking a sense of play in our company members. We do not discriminate or expect our performers to all look the same, and so our work is constantly performed by artists from a variety of body types and backgrounds.

At Toy Guns Dance Theatre, we believe in the importance of lifelong learning, and as such are working to create a professional dance training program for Edmonton. Edmonton has not had a professional dance school since the Grant MacEwan program closed down. Since then, many talented dancers have left Edmonton to further their career. Toy Guns is building the relationships, capital and momentum to bring a high-calibre professional training program that will empower Edmonton dance artists to craft sustainable careers and provide opportunities for them to perform internationally renowned works based here in Edmonton.

Available Internships

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