Sage - Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton

Sage Seniors Association (Sage) is a multi-service senior’s serving organization that works to address individual needs and build on the personal strengths of our clients. Through a variety of programs, we provide services that promote socialization and enhance the safety and wellbeing of older persons who are, or who may become, isolated, disadvantaged, or at-risk in the community. Mission Inspiring and supporting seniors to be the best they can be. Vision A community where all seniors are valued and have the opportunity to live according to their beliefs, abilities and aspirations.

According to the portrait of Edmonton seniors released by the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council in 2010 (Edmonton Seniors: A Portrait), the number of seniors living in Edmonton continues to rise, with the most marked growth occurring in the 80+ age bracket. The same document points to the inverse relationship between age and income: as seniors grow older, their income decreases. The net effect is a growing senior population that will require increased social supports and community connections in order to sustain their quality of life and wellbeing over time.


Sage has been providing programs and services to seniors in the greater Edmonton area for 45 years, and our work has evolved and grown along with this demographic. Clients do not need to fit the needs of our organization: we adapt our programs and services to fit the needs of our clients.  Everything from offering support to seniors who hoard, to providing education about ageism, a safe house for seniors who are experiencing abuse, to celebrating the Edmonton Pride Festival by having strawberry tea and co-hosting the LGBTTQ Older Adults Symposium. We are an organization that anticipates individual and social needs and trends, a leader in the senior-serving sector in Alberta. 

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