Alberta Emerald Foundation

For over 25 years, The Alberta Emerald Foundation has recognized, celebrated and inspired environmental excellence through our programs, the Emerald Awards, Emerald Days, Youth Environmental Engagement Grants and our Sharing Stories communications initiative.

Primarily a volunteer-driven charity, the Alberta Emerald Foundation has created a legacy of elevating the environmental achievements of our province, setting an example for all to follow.

Since 1992, over 2500 examples of creative thinking and innovation in environmental management systems, technologies and education programs have been shared, helping Alberta balance its growth and resource development with the preservation of our environment.

The objectives of the Alberta Emerald Foundation are to:

  • Stimulate public and corporate environmental awareness in Alberta.
  • Enhance youth participation by encouraging young people to become involved in environmental projects.
  • Encourage behavioural change by recognizing environmental excellence.
  • Expand and create new environmental excellence recognition initiatives.
  • Create and strengthen strategic partnerships.
  • Ensure the sustainability of the Alberta Emerald Foundation.

In the face of new and increasing pressures on our Alberta landscapes, the Alberta Emerald Foundation aims to be the catalyst to raise the expectations and performance of environmental stewardship.

We believe there are many elements that come together to foster and sustain our environment:

  • The assurance of the quality of air, water and land.
  • The preservation of Alberta’s biological diversity.
  • The fostering of knowledge, values and behaviours that will ensure the continuation of a healthy environment.

By celebrating environmental excellence, the Alberta Emerald Foundation works to raise the public’s awareness of the successful growth and improvement in these areas, and to inspire positive involvement in the protection of our environment.

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