Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - Edmonton Branch

CHHA-Ed is a non-profit, self-help, charitable organization, by and for persons who are hard of hearing. Our mission is to increase awareness and reamove barriers for hard of hearing persons in the greater Edmonton area by providing support, programs and advocacy.

CHHA-Ed is proud of our ongoing support and achievements for persons who are hard of hearing.  Support and programs that we provide include:

* General meeting and social activities - Held bi-monthly providing and opportunity to for hard of hearing persons in Edmonton and area to hear guest speakers and share ideas and voice concerns or ask questions.

* Advocating for captioning at public meetings and events, as well as awareness of and facilitating installation of Loop Listening Systems in public buildings in the greater Edmonton area.

Working with numerous boards and development committees to installation and provision of technical device to increase communication and safety for all hard of hearing persons.

Providing a Hearing Aid Assistance Fund that provides support for those with a low income to acquire hearing aids when needed.  And annual Scholarships for post secondary students.

Offering Hearing Loss Sensitivity classes, "Your Third Ear" workshops, Speechreading (Levels 1 & 2) and Beginner level Conversational American Sign Language classes.

We also host Hearing Awareness Events and conferences in Edmonton working towards full inclusion for all hard of hearing persons.

Hearing loss interferes with our most vital link to people .... communication through language and sound.  The effects of this invisible disability can be profound.  Through our general meetings, public support and presentations, promotional activities, and our newsletter and website we strive towards understanding of hearing loss and awareness what is required for full inclusion of persons who are Hard of Hearing.

Available Internships

Internship Title City Category Posted
Marketing - Event Planner Assistant Edmonton Local In-Office 28-02-2019