Edmonton Ultimate Players Association

The EUPA was incorporated in 2001 as a not-for-profit association founded on a handful of basic principles.

  1. To promote the Sport of Ultimate and its spirit of good sportsmanship in Edmonton and surrounding areas
  2. To promote physical and mental well-being through exercise
  3. To provide a social atmosphere for all who play the sport of Ultimate
  4. To provide an atmosphere that fosters learning, to teach beginners who would like to play the sport of Ultimate, and to assist any player that wants to improve their skills in the Sport of Ultimate.
  5. To organize pick-up sessions open to everyone who wishes to play the sport of Ultimate
  6. To organize leagues for members to play the sport of Ultimate
  7. To promote the sport of Ultimate in Edmonton nationally, through support to teams which participate in competitions and tournaments
  8. To represent the concerns of persons who play the sport of Ultimate in Edmonton and its surrounding area, through participation in governing bodies such as the Alberta Ultimate Association (AUA) and the Ultimate Canada.

Available Internships

Internship Title City Category Posted
Volunteer Coordinator Edmonton Virtual 04-03-2019
Communication and Sponsorship Assistant Edmonton Virtual 24-02-2019