Zyp Art Gallery

Zyp Art Gallery is a young and upcoming gallery in Leduc County. We are named after Hank and Tillie Zyp who were inspirational in their social activism, generosity of spirit and dedication to the arts. 

Why we exist, we are a space that serves as a platform for the voiceless. To increase awareness and empathy for those in our community that are invisible to the larger community.

How we do it through physical and online spaces that allows for educational exhibitions, programs, and events

What we do

  • We create Educational Art Exhibitions

  • Create School programmes that is curriculum specific that allow for in-school and on-site field-trips.

  • We create community engagement events

  • We provide training and services to local art groups.

  • AND through our existence, we are a community hub. We work with councils, cities, schools and other non-profits and charities with the goal of education, empowerment, and greater community communication.

Our Mission is

  • to connect, promote and support local and surrounding artists 
  • to highlight the importance of art in the history and well-being of our community
  •  to create dialogue and inspire understanding about social issues locally and around the world.


Available Internships

No available internships