Fruits of Sherbrooke

We are a not for profit organization that 'rescues' urban fruit that is not being used by homeowners and turns it into food.  We make jams, jellies, sauces and condiments that we sell at local markets and some retail locations.  We make snacks from apples with the help of generous volunteers and these are donated to schools that need nutritious snacks for children who come to school hungry.  This is what our profits support and for each of the past 2 years we have donated about 13,000 snacks.  

Our mission is to use local fruits to make good food, teach classes on preserving, share the bounty with others and support hunger programs in a few schools

Each summer we pick rhubarb, raspberries, saskatoons, cherries, plums, pears, and apples and prepare them so we can work with them during the winter months.  We respond to requests from homeowners to  gather their fruits and when there is an abundance, we share it with hunger programs who are able to use and process the fruits.  

There has always been an abundance of local apples and in 2015 we started to make apple snacks such as dehydrated apple chips, apple leather and apple sauce with the goal of giving these healthy snacks to schools who have hungry students.  This is the Fruit Stars program that is funded by Fruits of Sherbrooke, generous volunteers and a local sponsor.   

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