Leftovers Foundation

Leftovers Foundation is an organization that rescues food from being thrown in the garbage, and ensure it gets to service agencies in need.

The Leftovers Foundation is a local registered non-profit organization in Calgary with a mission to eliminate food waste and alleviate hunger. With the help of over 150 volunteers, we rescue approximately 3000 pounds of food a week that would otherwise be thrown away, and redirect it to social service agencies within Calgary. Currently, we pick up from 40 different vendors and deliver the food to 28 different service agencies.  This is food that is fresh, edible and still good, but for many reasons, it cannot be sold any longer by the vendors. The vendor and the service agency routes are coordinated by Leftovers to ensure that the food is donated to the appropriate service agency based on the type of food and location. In addition to our food waste diversion efforts, we are currently work with bodies such as the Calgary Board of Education and The City of Calgary Waste & Recycling Services to deal with food scarcity and security among disadvantaged groups and how this relates to food waste issues.

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