Organizations: Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

How do I apply?
Registering is easy! First, check our eligibility criteria. If you qualify, read the SCiP program objectives and fill out the simple online application. You do not need to have an intern position ready to be posted when you apply to the program. Once you’re accepted, you can use our Step by Step Guide to help you through creating an internship. The SCiP Team can even give you a hand putting together your internship opportunity. Use the contact information below to get in touch.

How do I know my application has gone through?
Your application will be approved or denied within 5 business days. You will then receive an email to confirm or deny your application and inform you of your next steps. Depending on your email provider’s security setting, the email might be in your spam folder. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact SCiP.

I have just registered my organization for SCiP. What is the next step?
Once we have approved your organization’s application and you have activated your account, you will be able to sign in and begin posting internship opportunities. Everything you need to create your internships is in the Step by Step Guide section of the website. If you need help, feel free to get in touch with us! SCiP does reserve the right to remove participating organizations if they do not meet organizational responsibilities.

Once you submit an internship opportunity, we will review it prior to posting it on the SCiP internship list. After the position is posted in the internship listing, students will apply for the position directly to you through the website. From here, it is your choice who you would like to hire for the role! Please see our Step by Step Guide for how to hire your SCiP intern.

A post-secondary student is currently working/volunteering for my organization. Can she/he get an award?
They are eligible for a SCiP-approved internships in your organization. If they are volunteering at your organization, they are free to apply to any internship position posted by your organization. If they are working at your organization as paid staff or as part of their post-secondary program, they can do a SCiP internship as long as the duties of the internship are separate from the duties required by their employment or placement. If the student meets these requirements, sign in, post an internship and encourage the student to apply!

How many interns can I have?
If you have capacity to host more than one intern, go for it! An organization can have as many as 10 interns each program year, as long as they are able to provide support for each intern.

Internship Details

Can an intern do more than one project? 
An intern can work on more than one project at their host organization, but students are only permitted to complete one internship per program year (August 1st – July 31st), which means only one award per program year.

What types of positions can my organization hire an intern for?
We approve internships that are meaningful, skill-based opportunities for engagement in the nonprofit sector. This includes tasks like: creating a marketing plan or marketing materials, designing a new logo, coordinating an event, facilitating workshops, completing research, reviewing and updating your processes, creating new curriculum, updating your website, implementing a social media strategy, recruiting or orienting new volunteers, writing grant applications, etc.

This does not include internships that only include tasks like photocopying, filing, licking envelopes, selling tickets, directing customers, etc. As well, all internships must be part-time (less than 15 hours per week) and flexible around a student schedule.

SCiP internships are not intended to replace paid staff positions, and they are not to be used for organizational sustainability. Organizations should not rely on SCiP interns for normal day to day operations - they are to be used exclusively for taking on special projects, initiatives, or events that they might not otherwise have the capacity to take on.

What is the time requirement for an internship?
All SCiP internships are part time and flexible around a student schedule. The maximum length of an internship is one year. Otherwise, there are no set hour or time requirements for SCiP internships.

We approve internships that are meaningful, skill-based opportunities for engagement in the nonprofit/voluntary sector. This usually means an internship is at least one month long. The average internship is about 3-4 months long with approximately 3-5 hours of work per week. This can vary drastically, though, based on the type of internship and the schedule requirements of both the organization and the intern.

Unless your internship has very specific time commitment, we recommend keeping it open and focusing on getting the best student into your internship. When you know who you’d like to hire, we recommend negotiating the specific weekly time commitment and duration.

I have just hired an intern. What is the next step?
Sign in to your SCiP account and hire your chosen candidate, then draft a Letter of Agreement. Once you have submitted the Letter of Agreement through your online account, the student must log in to their account and accept the Letter of Agreement.

Once the organization and the student have accepted the Letter of Agreement, we reserve the award for the student. The internship can begin.

 I found an intern through a different means than the online posting. Can I hire them?
Yes; however, they must sign up, apply to the internship, and be hired through the website in order to be able to complete the Letter of Agreement and access the award.

What times of the year can I hire an intern?
Internships are offered on a rolling basis. You are welcome to post and fill an internship at any time of year. All internships must be completed within the program year that they begin (August 1st – July 31st). If this is a problem for your internship, please contact us. 

Please note: we have a maximum cap of 1000 internships per program year. If we reach this cap prior to July 31st, we are unable to accept any new internships until the beginning of the next program year.

My organization doesn’t have enough space in our office for an intern. How can we use SCiP?
When you post an internship opportunity, you can indicate the position can be completed in office or from home. You can also indicate whether you require a local intern (who can occasionally come into your office) or if the internship can be completed virtually (connecting by phone/email/Skype/etc.). Ensure it is possible for the internship to be completed remotely if you choose the “virtual” option.

My organization is located in a community without an eligible post-secondary institution. How can we use SCiP?
By offering an internship virtually, you can hire an intern from somewhere else in the province. Ensure it is possible for the internship to be completed remotely by connecting through phone, email, Skype, etc. if you choose the “virtual” option.

Additionally, there may be students in your community who are attending post-secondary through distance learning (such as Athabasca University). Distance students, as long as they are registered at one of the 26 eligible post-secondary institutions, are eligible to participate in SCiP. Other students may attend school in another community but live in your community for part of the year (during the summer, for example) and may be available to complete an internship then.                           

What does my organization do if we have any issues or concerns with the intern we hired?                                                                                                                                                               
We recommend that you use our conflict resolution procedure; please ensure you are familiar with this document.                                                                                                               

Organizational Responsibilities

Does my organization have to pay the intern?
No, organizations do not pay the intern any wages or honorarium. Students receiving compensation are not eligible for SCiP. At the end of the internship, the organization and student complete the necessary online documents through their SCiP accounts. We then forward the application for the award to the Government of Alberta, who provides the intern with a $1000 cheque.

What is the administrative expectation for participating organizations (i.e. supervising, documentation, reporting, etc.)?
Organizations are expected to train and supervise interns, comparable to any employee or volunteer. The primary supervisor may not be another intern, it must be a permanent paid or unpaid staff member (i.e. Executive Director, Board Member). At the beginning of the internship, the organization should discuss the goals and expectations of the internship – both for the organization and the intern. Once those goals and expectations are agreed upon, a Letter of Agreement is created online by the organization, and the student agrees to it through their online account. Throughout the internship, the organization and student are expected to provide feedback to each other regarding the internship. At the end of the internship, both parties complete online documents through their SCiP accounts.

Do I have to be a member of Volunteer Alberta to access the SCiP program?
VA membership is not required to access the SCiP program, however, purchasing a membership helps ensure the sustainability of SCiP and the development of like-minded programs. Members of Volunteer Alberta tap into resources that help build their capacity, streamline their processes, and increase their budgets. Volunteer Alberta helps you leverage recruitment, communications, and learning resources to meet your mission. Interested? Check out all the benefits of Volunteer Alberta membership and become a member today!

If your question wasn’t answered here, feel free to contact SCiP using the contact information below.