Social Media Strategist

Posted 29-04-2019
Category Virtual
Interns Needed 1
Anticipated Timeline July-August 2019
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At Zyp Gallery we are looking for interns who are a cultural fit, who believe in what we are trying to accomplish. If you do not have the desired skill-set, but believe in our Why, we are interested in hearing from you. 

Our goal with finding a Social Media Strategist is to increase awareness, find donors and promote our ground breaking exhibitions. We have grand plans and we are looking for those out of the box thinkers who can see working at Zyp as a potential to try new ideas and strategies in a supportive environment.

We work with you, so our anticipated timeline is flexible. We do ask that we have a weekly phone meeting and every 2 weeks we meet in person (if you are based in Edmonton or surrounding areas).

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Digital Communications and Media
  • Communication

Some specialized skills required:

  • Strong writing skills, with experience in writing for digital audiences.
  • Ideally, experience extends beyond personal use of social media
  • Experience in, use and knowledge of Facebook and it's analytics
  • Experience in, use and knowledge of Instagram, it's analytics and supporting apps
  • Access to a computer and internet connection, as you will be working in your own space the majority of the time
  • Independent, creative, self-starter and responsible

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Develop an overall outline of which social media vehicles should and could be used to further the organizations mission and goals and why. This should be applied to external (donors, mass media, general public) and internal audiences.
  • Create a one-year implementation plan including measurable goals (i.e. number of “Likes” on Facebook), training and other resources required (i.e. specific software) and specific strategies for using social media.
  • Research Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, (and potential others on recommendation). Create a summary for each (description, applications, pros and cons, how the application would or would not fit organizational needs, and how these applications can be used).