Calgary Bike Swap Event and Marketing - Bike Donations

Posted 22-03-2019
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Anticipated Timeline April 2019 to June 2019
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Alberta Bike Swap puts on one day bike buy, sell, and donate events. We are looking for a SCiP intern to market and promote our event in Calgary, especially to deal with the donations and strategic alliances. 

As our SCiP intern, you will be work with other SCiP interns in other cities to promote and market Alberta Bike Swap. You will come up with new and innovative ideas and add your say to t-shirt, poster, and marketing designs. You will attend and set up meetings to promote the Bike Swap event in Calgary, this could entail creating events such as #YYC Coffee Outside. You will put up posters (with permission) and use social media to promote the event. 

You will be responsible for contacting local and nearby Calgary groups, communities, and media, and maintain a contact list and what you have completed. You will set up media interviews for the Co-Directors.  

You are a representative of safe cycling in Calgary, and that’s what the Bike Swap events are about. You will always ride your bike safely, wear a helmet, and promote cycling safety. If you need instruction to learn about cycling safety, we will provide a CAN-Bike instructor to help you learn the rules of the road

You will attend the Bike Swap event on the first Saturday in May and be the social media person by answering social media question via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on the @albertabikeswap account (we'll give you permission). 

Unload and load bike racks for the events (Lethbridge, Edmonton, Calgary). Help with tables before and after the event in Calgary.  

Assist with volunteer coordination for all 3 bike swaps, coordinate tables for groups for the Calgary Bike Swap event, manage invitees and dignitaries, count and take metrics of attendees, and smile a lot.

Help with bike donations, and there will be hundreds if not over a thousand. Not sure we have a taker for the donations in Calgary, so need an intern to support the group in Medicine Hat (Food Bank and Bikes for Badgers) and Calgary (Food Bank, Women in Need?) to take the donated bikes for fix-up. Will manage and find bike techs to fix these donated bikes to provide transportation security for marginalized people. 

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Indigenous Community-Industry Relations
  • Media Studies and Professional Communication
  • Community Economic Development
  • Built Environment Engineering Technology
  • Digital Communications and Media
  • Sustainable Urban Design
  • Event Management Program Planning Specialization

Some specialized skills required:

  • Know how to safely ride a bike accordingly to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act
  • Know how to manage Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts
  • Have correct spelling and grammar
  • Have new and innovative ideas about marketing and communication
  • Feel comfortable speaking to others, and starting, promoting and attending events to promote the Bike Swap
  • Be politically correct; represent our non-profit at apolitical and secular

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Support bike donations at Calgary Bike Swap (Main task)
  • Co-coordinate our bike swap events with other coordinators
  • Contact local and outlying Calgary areas to promote Calgary Bike Swap and maintain a record of contact
  • Attend and set up meeting and events to promote Calgary Bike Swap
  • Put up posters (with permission) and use social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to promote Calgary Bike Swap
  • Help with tables, attendees, volunteers, and dignitaries on the first Saturday in May
  • Help load and unload bike racks for all 5 bike swap events (last Thursday evening in April, first Friday and first Sunday in May, and second Thursday and Sunday in May
  • Attend Calgary Bike Swap on the first Saturday in May and act as social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)