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Posted 05-03-2019
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Anticipated Timeline March - July, 2019
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The Public Education Outreach Assistant will play an important role in RMERF’s 2019 program of educational outreach.

The volunteers of the Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation (RMERF) annually in the spring and fall count and study the migration of Golden Eagles and other raptors. Unique in the world, in the Rocky Mountain system of western North America, thousands of Golden Eagles migrate thousands of kilometres from their summer breeding grounds in Yukon/Alaska to wintering regions of the South and West US.

From over 25 years of data collection in the Kananaskis Valley area, and at other Alberta and British Columbia locations, RMERF has

  • Expanded the knowledge of these Golden Eagles’ migration routes related to the mountain regions and their breeding numbers as paralleling snowshoe hares cycles

  • Indicated affects of climate changes to migration start times and trajectory

  • Shown the declining numbers of this species, significantly of juveniles or immature eagles

  • Added to the world’s scientific knowledge of raptors

Also questions have been raised from the studies – why is this group of thousands of Golden Eagles migrating, whereas normally around the world they are sedentary or residents? What natural or human interaction is taking place in the wintering grounds to cause declining numbers? As raptors, Golden Eagles are at the top of the food chain; are they reflecting the health of the ecosystem?


The RMERF has as its mission to increase the knowledge of Golden Eagles and other raptor migrations in western Canada, and is committed to educating people about the birds of prey, that this may help protect the birds and their prey foods and habitats; so that future generations may look at wonder at an eagle highway.


  • Represent RMERF at community, trade, etc. events and on social media links , for the purpose of presenting relevant information of the organization to help raise awareness of its work

  • Work collaboratively with some Board of Directors members to plan, coordinate and organize events, materials, and social media presentations

  • Apply curriculum studies to best prepare outreach and interactive materials for a diverse public

  • To update current display information, and source and coordinate production of all relevant new posters/brochures/graphs

  • Speak with the public, to explain RMERF citizen science activities ,and promote membership and fundraising

  • Some travel and work of week-end hours are required, as well as working out of doors

  • Work in a flexible, team oriented manner

  • Support internal and external communication systems and liaisons


    Organize work from home.

  • Available to attend in March and April at the field location in Kananaskis to learn/observe the migration watch, and assist as docent.

  • Flexible meetings by phone and in-person in reviewing, planning, preparing, and organizing outreach materials and outreach strategy by early May.

  • Then co-coordinating, and attending scheduled events to October (usually occurring on week-ends). A more detailed timeline will be provided at the interview for the applicant’s information.

  • Reimbursement of costs will be considered for travel commitment. Position will start immediately.


  • Be a registered and an on-going student of an Alberta qualifying post secondary institution

  • Proven ability to work independently and meet deadlines

  • Excellent communication skills, sense of humour, patience and an interest to play a role

  • Ability to explain to people within a public environment, with a special focus to youth

  • Extremely organized, motivated, and a collaborative team player

  • Able to prioritize tasks and resolve minor issues

  • Excellent computer and social media skills, familiar with design and material lay-outs

  • Willingness to learn, and also provide personal skills and knowledge to RMERF members

  • An individual who is outgoing, has a flexible approach, and would enjoy working with a wide variety of learners, families, ages, and interest levels

  • Access to public and personal means of transportation is an asset (some out of city travel required)

  • Represent RMERF in a professional manner, and empathize with the aims and work of the organization

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy community events and folk festival at no cost

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Event Management Program Planning Specialization
  • Education
  • Applied Science: Environmental Management

Some specialized skills required:

  • Working with volunteers, and speaking with the public
  • Learning and creatively preparing educational materials
  • Planning, establishing timelines, coordination

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Continued the important role of providing information about the organization’s historical and current work, data and studies to the public, specifically to children
  • Successfully planned and organized the outreach events from April to October of the non-profit scientific research group
  • Enhanced social media engagement towards the activities of the organization.