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Posted 04-03-2019
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About this project…

The goal of this project is to help IFSSA better understand the community it serves by visualizing where they live now, and where potential clients and supporters may come from in the future. This data will play an immediate role in helping us determine a location for a new southside location.

IFSSA’s Motivations…

  1. Our southside office is at the end of its life. It needs serious structural work to remain viable for our needs.

  2. The southside location presently does not adequately serve our staff’s need for space, security or privacy.

  3. We have been approached by a buyer interested in the location.

What we hope to visualize

  1. Where clients live

    1. Isolate clients based on which services and locations they use. Eg north office vs south office, domestic violence or food security

    2. Chart shifts is use over the last 3 years and where they are coming from

    3. Show correlations if any between family size and addresses

    4. Show where long-term clients live? Are they clustered or dispersed?

  2. Show where other food depots or related services are in the city to make it easier to visualize service deserts.

  3. Show income levels in different neighbourhoods

  4. Identify transit access (both present as well as future LRT)

  5. Identify retail/lite-industrial vacancy/ property values/ commercial lease rates

  6. Show proximity to mosques, cultural centers

  7. Show cultural/spiritual demographic data related to neighbourhoods


Be able to score potential locations based on their…

  1. Transit accessibility (in 2020)

  2. Ethno-cultural fit

  3. Lease rate



  1. Advise on project scope

  2. Conduct brief literature review on related data sources

  3. Connect with MAPS Alberta

  4. Revise project scope (if necessary)

  5. Build visualization

  6. Develop/suggest method for scoring potential properties

Necessary Skills

  1. Practical previous experience with GIS Visualization

  2. Pursuing a degree relation to planning, engagement, data sciences, or social services

  3. Be passionately interested in effective altruism

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Geographic Information Systems Technology

Some specialized skills required:

  • Data Analysis

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Develop/suggest method for scoring potential properties
  • Build visualization
  • Revise project scope (if necessary)
  • Connect with MAPS Alberta
  • Conduct brief literature review on related data sources
  • Advise on project scope