Telling Stories from the Heart: Visual & Social Media, Social Advocacy Internship

Posted 27-02-2019
Category Local In-Office
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Anticipated Timeline May-September, 2019 - Flexible start and finish times and hours based on the successful applicants schedule.
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  • The intern will report to the Inner City Recreation and Wellness Program Coordinator. During the first few weeks the intern will spend time shadowing program facilitators, as well as familiarizing themselves with programs and participants.

  • The schedule will be determined by the interns availability in correlation to the programming schedule and is subject to change when more specified projects emerge.

  • The program coordinator will be available via phone, e-mail or in person to provide support and supervision.

  • Within the 100 hours allocated for the placement, 30 hours will be spent attending programs, familiarizing themselves with the Boyle Street Community Services Drop-in Program and building relationships with community members , 30 hours will be spent recording and learning about community members experiences and other inner city programming initiatives, 30 hours will be allocated to develop intention based social media and promotional content and the remaining 10 hours will be spent learning about the Inner City Recreation and Wellness Program and the various aspects that go into running a multifaceted recreation program in the nonprofit sector or other departments within the organization.

  • Interns Primary Roles Include:

  • To co-manage the social media accounts of the Inner City Recreation and Wellness Program while abiding by programs confidentiality agreement & best practices around dignity and disclosure of identity.

  • Attend and observe ICRWP programs, build relationships with community members and capture programming via photograph and participant stories.

  • Use various forms of communication to put calls out for programming support and donations while educating public on current barriers to recreation being experienced by the community.  

  • Generate meaningful, intentional social media content focused on telling the stories of individuals facing poverty, homelessness, addiction and mental illness in the inner city.

  • Creative perspective & the ability to educate, advocate & humanize via social media are the desired learning objectives

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Visual Communciations
  • Working With Homeless Populations: Practice Fundamentals
  • Communication
  • Adult and Community Education
  • Communication and Media Studies

Some specialized skills required:

  • Experience in photography, writing or navigating a variety of social media platforms is a major asset.
  • Excellent communication skills, coordination and organization skills, emotional awareness, proficient writing ability, adaptability, problem solving skills and self motivation.

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Over the course of the internship the individual will produce 10 social media posts, 5 are intented to be stories from the heart of the city and 5 can be of another nature educating the larger community about barriers facing marginalized indivduals.