Community Inclusion & Engagement Programmer: Indigenous, Youth, Female and Newcomer support

Posted 25-02-2019
Category Local In-Office
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Anticipated Timeline May-September, 2019 - Flexible start and finish times and hours based on the successful applicants schedule.
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  • The intern will report to the Inner City Recreation and Wellness Program Coordinator. During the first few weeks the intern will spend time shadowing program facilitators, as well as familiarizing themselves with programs and participants. 

  • The schedule will be determined by the interns availability in correlation to the programming schedule and is subject to change when more specified projects emerge. 

  • The program coordinator will be available via phone, e-mail or in person to provide support and supervision. 

  • Within the 100 hours allocated for the placement, 25 hours will be spent canvasing and communicating with other agencies serving our community, 25 will be spent building relationships with community members and familiarizing themselves with the program, 25 hours will be spent strengthening inter departmental communication and collaboration within the organization and the remaining 25 hours will be spent learning about the Inner City Recreation and Wellness Program and the various aspects that go into running a multifaceted recreation program in the nonprofit sector. 

  • Visit and connect with community service agencies serving the targeted marginalized groups.

  • Develop & strengthen program relationships between departments within our organization

  • Make recommendations for changes to existing programs, or new programming, that will be more welcoming to the targeted groups.

  • Create procedures and programs that incorporate these recommendations

  • Help connect targeted community members to city-wide recreational resources

  • Acquire knowledge and implement Indigenous cultural practices into programming

  • Build healthy relationships; connecting new community members to our programming

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Social Work
  • General Studies
  • Community Health Promotion
  • Arts and Cultural Management
  • Addiction Studies
  • Aboriginal Leadership and Management

Some specialized skills required:

  • Excellent communication skills, coordination and organization skills, emotional awareness, proficient writing ability, adaptability, problem solving skills and self motivation.

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Establish a smooth chain of communication between agencies diverse range of departments via platform of the interns choice.
  • Connect and build relationships with new community members not already engaged in programming.
  • Generate a contact list of related community servicies agencies to relay important program imforation to.