Digital Administrative Assistant

Posted 26-01-2019
Category Virtual
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Anticipated Timeline February 21-Mar 21
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The Mountain Standard Time (M:ST) Performative Art Festival and Society exists to encourage the development of performative art practices in Southern Alberta with our original publications, professional development opportunities, and biennial festivals.

Recently we hired a digital designer to, among other things, create metadata of important projects within our archive. We now need a digital Administrative Assistant to finish the tagging of all the digital objects in our archive according to the model developed and to move these objects from our old website to our new one. This work needs to be done before the new website's launch in April of this year. 

In addition to the archive, the Digital Administrative Assistant will go through our shared drive and organize all the files, deleting duplicates and creating a system for easily accessing files.  This person will also go through our policy manual and separate this document into Board-based information (i.e. by-laws) and Management based information (i.e. office policies.) They will incorporate our newly changed mission, vision and values and will work with the Board to help gather and collate the materials developed through the Board's work devising these. 

While much of the work required for this position can be done at home, some work will need to be done at our office in the CommunityWise Resource Centre, but outside of Board meetings, we can accommodate your schedule.


  • Meta-tagging documents in the archive and moving them to the new website. (35 hours) 
  • Organizing the shared drive (10 hours)
  • Dividing the policy manual into two different documents (5 hours)
  • Working with the Board to gather, collate and document the process of writing the new mission, vision and values (10 hours)

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Visual Arts and Design
  • Digital Media and IT
  • Digital Communications and Media
  • Administrative Office Management
  • Administrative Information Management
  • Arts and Cultural Management
  • Art and Design

Some specialized skills required:

  • Time-management skills and the ability to prioritize
  • Extremely organized with an innate sense of organizational systems
  • Basic knowledge of Contemporary Art
  • Communication Skills

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Policy manual has been split into two documents
  • The recent strategic planning process has been documented digitally
  • Our shared drive has been cleaned up
  • All digital objects/projects have at least two tags and have been moved to new website