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Posted 17-01-2019
Category Local In-Office
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Anticipated Timeline April to August/September
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The Alberta Avenue Community League is continuing its exciting Neighbour Connect Project - Sharing meaningful social interactions, one block at a time.

 Our neighbourhood covers 100 blocks spanning 92-97 St from 111-122 Ave.The purpose of the project is to create opportunities for neighbours to come together, to get to know each other better, strengthen connections with each other, and become more engaged with the community.

Interns will work 75-100 hours  between April and September with our full-time Engagement Coordinators. A significant portion of the work will be on weekends. There is flexibility to get your hours completed more quickly if you have time to do so.

This project encompasses event organizing; engaging in conversations; data collection, inputting and analysis; and connecting people to their neighbours and neighbourhood resources. It is exciting, engaging and evolving! Join the team!

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Education
  • Communication Studies
  • Community Social Work
  • Arts and Cultural Management
  • Event Management
  • Public Relations
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management

Some specialized skills required:

  • Outgoing & friendly
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Data entry & analysis
  • Event planning & implementation

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Track and analyze data from conversations and events. Help connect residents with similar interests or complementary offers/needs. Connect residents with resources as needed.
  • Create more resource kits and spark ideas to better foster community.
  • Conduct pop-event events with team members
  • Work with project leaders to create a strategic engagement plan, track progress, and update as necessary.
  • Recruit neighbourhood volunteers to join the support team.
  • Use various outreach and communication strategies to reach residents.