Environmental Education Study Guide Coordinator

Posted 08-01-2019
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Anticipated Timeline April to September
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Each year six Emerald Award recipients will be chosen to appear in a documentary-style series created by our video team, Hoopla Media. The series will be more engaging than the TEDTalks style videos we have been creating to this point, and will explore their award-winning environmental work in greater depth than our Emerald Award videos; providing a “day in the life” view of their world. The videos will be between 10 and 15 minutes long and will live on a special page on the AEF’s website, on our video page and will be shared on our social media platforms for all to enjoy and share. 

Working with each presenter the AEF will create a short study guides for teachers to use with the videos to assist in environmental conversations. We hope to utilize the SCiP program, run by Volunteer Alberta, to hire university students to create these study guides for each video. 

SCiP interns will interview presenters, ask for presentation material, create questions and answer guides to support the videos. We have 6 videos and can offer 6 internships however we would also look at allowing interns to take on 2 videos in one internship.

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Applied Science in Ecosystem Management
  • Applied Science - Conservation Enforcement
  • Applied Science: Environmental Management
  • Adult and Community Education
  • Administration

Some specialized skills required:

  • Writing skills
  • Interview skills

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • One complete study guide per video to include photos, questions, answers and additional information matched to the video.