Social Media & Communications Coordinator

Posted 29-11-2018
Category Virtual
Interns Needed 2
Anticipated Timeline 50 hour workload: timeline is completely flexible, suited to successful applicant's schedule (roughly 3-5 months)
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We are currently in the process of creating a new website (using WIX) and would like to enhance our online presence and engagement through the development of various social media platforms which can also be integrated within our new website (currently under development). We do have a facebook page ( but no other social media at this time. Within our new website, we will also be creating a blog that could potentially interact with our social media accounts. We would need support with this, and with blog entries (coordinating with the website designer). Additionally, we are in the midst of setting up MailChimp and require support with this including setting it up, and creating templates. We are also open to any additional ideas and creative thoughts you may have on establishing and maintaining a stronger online presence.

Skills & Experience:

  • Familiarity and/or expertise with facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram, etc.
  • Comfort with WIX and MailChimp, and/or familiarity with similar programs.
  • Experience in graphic design, website design, communications, taking pictures for blogs/social media, use of photo software/platforms.
  • Strong writing and communications
  • Ability to create, build and expand strong online networks and discussions with fellow advocacy groups. Also skilled at using social media as am additional means of communication/engagement with individuals, organizations, and decision makers (involved in housing policy). 
  • Ease in generating strong social media profiles as well as in creating ongoing, dynamic, and engaging posts. The goal of an improved social media presence is to continue our educational and advocacy work on housing and homeless issues in Edmonton.
  • Creativity and thoughtfulness regarding functionality and use of social media platforms that creates ease for the user (ECOHH members) and the audience.
  • Experience in blogging
  • Some knowledge of or experience with social media/network policies and codes of conduct.
  • Comfort working independently as well as in a team.
  • Knowledge of GBA+ an asset as accessibility and inclusion for our audience is paramount ( Awareness of housing and homelessness issues not required but some familiarity would be of use.

Time Commitment:

The total time commitment is 50 hours as a whole. We would like the core accounts and MailChimp to be up and running within the first four weeks (so 5-10 hours a week where possible for the first 2-3 weeks), and 2-3 hours a week for the remainder.


The successful candidate will be primarily working virtually. When in-person meetings are required, ECOHH typically meets at Communitas (12120 106 AVENUE NW). 

Note to interested applicants:

Primarily we are looking for someone with experience with social media and effective online communication. We hope to hear from applicants with a wide variety of professional/scholastic/experiential backgrounds.

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Digital Marketing Post-
  • Creative Writing
  • Media Studies and Professional Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Arts
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Publishing
  • Integrated Digital Media
  • Digital Communications and Media
  • Communication and Media Studies

Some specialized skills required:

  • Knowledge of GBA+ and some understanding of housing and homelessness issues an asset
  • Able to work within a team as well as individually
  • Able to build up social network, and generate important discussions and information effectively through social media
  • Familiarity with social media/networking policies for organizations
  • Strong writing, communications, and critical thinking skills
  • Additional experience with graphic design, website design, blogging, photoblogging and editing an asset
  • Comfort with WIX and MailChimp, and/or similar programs
  • Familiarity and expertise with social media platforms

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Assist and support ECOHH in creating a draft of guidelines and procedures around social media accounts, emails, and all other electronic correspondence.
  • Set up, establish and streamline our means of electronic mail outs by using MailChimp. Create a system that ECOHH members can easily implement month by month as well as where additional mailouts are required (i.e. developing templates, etc)
  • Taking the lead with your own knowledge and creativity, supported by guidance from the policy and communications committee members, on creating new ECOHH social media accounts. The finalized social media accounts are sustainable, user friendly, dynamic and compelling—and can be easily maintained, updated, and edited by website committee members. Generating initial posts that are compelling, engaging, and that will attract and build up an audience. Revamping our facebook group where necessary. Soliciting and incorporating feedback where reasonable from ECOHH members (with support from the website and policy and communications committees).
  • Engaging and collaborating with the website committee and website designer where required (i.e MailChimp, ECOHH blog, integration of social media on our new website, highlighting monthly meetings and website content, sharing news, etc).
  • Attending and participating in policy and communications committee meetings and general member meetings where possible, in addition to electronic correspondence.
  • Overarching aim: generate, support and maintain an active online presence for ECOHH that support a variety of methods to continue ongoing discussion and information sharing relevant to housing and homelessness issues outside of regular ECOHH meetings and a means of sharing information and educational content.