Grant Writing Coordinator

Posted 23-11-2018
Category Local In-Office
Interns Needed 1
Anticipated Timeline Anytime in 2019 (over 3 months)
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The successful recipient will identify grant applications and funding initiatives for The Art Mentorship Society of Alberta from a variety of government, health and arts organizations. 

This position aims to support the selected candidate's  hands-on training within the context of a non-profit, board-led arts society through its operational, budgetary, and programming development. The candidate will gain knowledge of all aspects of the non-profit organization through the process of grant writing and fund development. 

This internship is based around narrative proposals and grant writing specifically. However the applicant could come from any background as long as they have ability or experience with grants and proposals. 
A health, business or arts background would equally provide insight into the role and do not specifically need to be from arts.

The selected intern will also receive first-hand experience and understanding of the inner working of a fledgling non-profit as well as build skills and find new areas of personal success. They will be able to learn on the job as well as apply their skills.

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Recreation Therapy Aide
  • Community Mental Health
  • Arts
  • Administration
  • Administrative Professional
  • Arts and Cultural Management

Some specialized skills required:

  • Programming knowledge (running, administrating or participating in)
  • Proficiency in writing and creating narrative for programs
  • Some arts knowledge (not mandatory)
  • Stats
  • Grant Writing

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • Be on site once per week (Tuesdays or Thursdays) to work with office manager and/or executive director
  • Meet with board of directors once per month to gain insight into organizations governance
  • Work with bookkeeper min 1 time per month to review finances and gain an in depth understanding of our organizations needs
  • Research potential funding sources (ex: grants, awards, etc.) our organization is eligible for and compile in a document for future use
  • Create a timeline of grant deadlines to keep ahead on application
  • Minimum 5 grant applications submitted to internships supervisor over a 3 month period