Inclusive Language Glossary App Developer

Posted 25-01-2018
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We are a non-profit organization working to improve race relations in Canada. Our headquarters is in Calgary, but our work reaches a national base. Our mandate is to help bring multicultural understanding and mitigate racism. 

Human language is constantly evolving. The way we speak and words we use change for many reasons including the changes in the environment we live in, to provide a better understanding or greater clarity, or changes in social norms and expectations. Sometimes, we don’t know how much our words can hurt other people or make them feel excluded. We need to educate ourselves and others on the meanings of words. The Inclusive Language Glossary (project: Language Decoded) is a guideline and education piece to help bring that awareness. We are decoding language to educate people by identifying the use of certain expressions or words that might exclude, discriminate, or hurt particular groups of people.

We are currently in the process of completing the content for our Inclusive Language glossary, which is a tool through which folks can learn about the words out there that are not inclusive, the reason why, and get alternative words to use instead.

We are looking for a dedicated, intuitive, and resourceful intern who can bring this project to life by April 2018. The intern will create a web application using to bring a unique way to present the information. This application does not require you to code, but is rather drag and drop based. We are ideally looking for an intern who is tech savvy and interested in design. We need someone who is organized and interested in digital design.You don't necessarily have to come from a coding background, but it will help if you do.

If you are interested, please apply with examples of your work (design work).  The intern working on this will be working virtually, but will be required to join in-person with our CEO and team from time to time. We need someone who can work independently and has an artistic vision.

Ideal for someone with course work in:

  • Digital Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Computer Sciences

Some specialized skills required:

  • graphic design
  • web application
  • website management
  • organized and able to work independently

What we will accomplish at the end of the Internship:

  • App launch in April 2018