How does SCiP Work?

What is a SCiP internship?

A mutually beneficial opportunity for both nonprofit/voluntary sector organizations and students.

SCiP interns have done everything from event planning, to curriculum development, to wildlife rehabilitation, to social media campaigns – the possibilities are endless! Keep in mind that there only 1000 awards available in each program year and they are reserved on a first come first serve basis. An award is not reserved for an intern until both the student and the organization have signed the letter of agreement on the website.

Approved internship postings do not guarantee a filled internship - it simply means the internship role has been approved as appropriate for SCiP. Organizations must formally hire a student by signing the letter of agreement in order to reserve an award and begin an internship.

Please note: SCiP internships are not intended to replace paid staff positions, and they are not to be used for organizational sustainability. Organizations should not rely on SCiP interns for normal day to day operations - they are to be used exclusively for taking on special projects, initiatives or events that they might not otherwise have the capacity to take on.

So how does SCiP work?

  1. Alberta nonprofit organizations register, create, and then post meaningful, part-time internships to help achieve their missions.
  2. Students register, then search, and apply for internships available on the database.
  3. Students work together with the organization to meet the goals and expectations of the internship.
  4. Upon completion of the internship the students apply for and receive a $1000 award from the Government of Alberta (at no cost to the organization).

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